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Technical Customer Support

The GEMMER PROCESS TECHNOLOGY GROUP attaches great importance to the technical customer service. System installation, assembly, setup and commissioning are the classic services our customers receive with each plant delivery. Our technical support starts as early as during the planning.

Technical Customer Support

The installation and assembly conditions at the customer premises are preventively taken into account and included in the design of our systems. Precise construction plans and component parts lists thus guarantee the smooth plant installation at the customer premises.

With regular inspection and maintenance of new and old facilities, we offer continuously high availability without unforeseeable production downtimes.

With improvements to detail, our specialists achieve convincing effects within your production processes and flows. Our service especially available for that purpose offers an improvement system targeted on production efficiency and profitability. We provide you with measures


  • Maintenance and retrofitting for systems and components
  • 24-hour repair and spare parts service
  • Optimization service for systems and components
  • Assembly and replacement service
  • On-schedule implementation of customer wishes

enabling you to achieve your expanded production targets with lower energy consumption.

We offer repair services for both machines made by us and systems from other manufacturers. Thanks to our experienced and competent repair teams, you can generally expect the shortest downtimes.

Technical Customer Support

The level of our service quality is last but not least proof for the customer satisfaction that the GEMMER PROCESS TECHNOLOGY GROUP considers an essential part of good cooperation.

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