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Process Facilities and Components

The core of our production facilities is formed by thermal processing equipment such as belt conveyors, cooling conveyors, fluidized bed ovens for roasting and toasting processes, coating systems and coating dryers, syrup and rotary digester systems, tempering belts as well as conveyor and control systems for production processes in industrial dimensions.
We manufacture the production facilities in individual dimensions, working widths, styles and heights orienting towards the planned production efficiency as well as towards the spatial conditions of our customers.

Process Facilities and Components

Coupled with our production systems and depending on the respective requirements, we offer material conveyor systems, loading and emptying systems, special machines and devices for the processing and machining of the most different industrial production processes. All process technology systems are equipped with electric and hydraulic or pneumatic control units and operated by means of PLC, PC via control panels or touchscreens.


  • Belt dryers
  • Cooling belts
  • Storage belts
  • Fluidized bed ovens
  • Coating systems
  • Syrup systems
  • Rotary digesters
  • Toasting and roasting systems

Our order management system allows for clear production planning for the on-schedule manufacture of our systems and components. It forms the basis for the precise manufacture of the individual production steps with modern machines and the ability to control and monitor them until the delivery. This applies to the entire period from inquiry to manufacture. Consulting, planning, development, manufacture and on-site final assembly as well as customer introduction and system maintenance are interlocking elements of our complex range of services.

Process Facilities and Components

Production Facilities and Components

Process Technologies