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Engineering for Successful Processing Technology

We support you in the conceptual development and optimization of thermal production and conveyor systems and production components. The supporting customer service of our engineers leads from the analysis of the process requirements to the individual concept and implementation of the turnkey production facilities.

Engineering for Successful Processing Technology

When developing our recognized high-quality process facilities, economic efficiency and maximum performance are focused on.

Our process and production know-how helps our customers reduce long trial periods and makes the complex prototype construction during the development of individual production facilities superfluous. Thus, our customers can benefit from the experiences of hundreds of process and conveyor systems built. Our close cooperation with the customer involves the precise review of each step of development.


  • Engineering/machine development
  • Process development
  • Construction of turnkey systems and components
  • Hygienic design
  • Efficiency and capacity expansions
  • Performance analyses/capacity calculations
  • Optimizations/repairs/retrofitting/maintenance
  • Commissioning/training

Development Service

  • We offer competent development support in the implementation of your new product ideas and develop the corresponding process technologies in cooperation with you
Engineering for Successful Processing Technology

Production Facilities and Components

Process Technologies