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Certified Pressure Vessel and Container Construction

We have been specializing in the individual manufacture of vessels and container systems ever since the company was founded. We meet the high legal and technical requirements for the construction of pressure vessels. The reliable and safe fulfillment of the requirements is ensured by deploying only experienced and specially qualified employees in the project planning, production and all safety-relevant areas. Based on standards and legal requirements, we construct customized pressure vessels and system components that have to be designed to fulfill specific safety requirements.

Certified Pressure Vessel and Container Construction

We have specialized in stainless steel containers and pressure vessels designed for durable operation in the food, feed, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. The pressure vessels and systems manufactured by us are tested and certified according to European or US standards.

The processing of the most different metallic materials requires comprehensive expertise with regard to the materials, the constructional safety and the processing methods used for the production.


  • Pressure vessels for different media
  • Stainless steel vessels for the highest standards of hygiene
  • Autoclaves
  • Overflows
Certified Pressure Vessel and Container Construction

All manual craft techniques are exclusively performed by specially trained experts legitimized by certificates. Along with the provision of our vessels and components, the customer is handed over the product-specific and safety-relevant documentation.

Certified Pressure Vessel and Container Construction

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