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Tempering Belts

It is mainly the food industry that successfully uses GEMMER Custom-Fit® Tempering Belts for the gentle drying of products such as breakfast cereals. In the feed, tobacco, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, our tempering belts are used as fixed production components.

The single-stage belt dryer works with a minimum of four drying zones that can be individually adjusted independent from each other. The airflow is led to the tempering belt from the top as well as from the bottom. In each zone, the airflow routing is consecutively switched between bottom and top ventilation. Thus, efficient product drying is achieved in one single process. Homogenous product drying is possible with one belt and without further flipping stages.

Tempering Belts

In order to compensate all inhomogeneities, the goods to be dried are heated at a constant temperature. Highly sensitive moisture sensors are used to continuously determine the product moisture at the inlet and outlet. This ensures that the absolute product moisture corresponds exactly to the desired set point.


  • Breakfast cereals
  • Tobacco
  • Snacks


  • Modular design
  • Quick commissioning


  • Food
  • Feed
  • Chemicals
  • Tobacco
  • Plastics

The compact design, robust construction and manufacture from stainless steel suitable for use with food as well as the good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance make this drying plant a productive top performer for a wide range of applications.

Tempering Belts

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