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Decades of experience form the foundation of our comprehensive know-how in the area of requirement-oriented extrusion: Reliable solutions meeting all individual, efficient and economic criteria defined by the customer.

GEMMER PROCESS TECHNOLOGY GROUP high-performance cooking plants are equipped with stirrer and straining units. The extruders are installed in an adjusted housing with one or several worm shafts.

During the product feeding, the raw material is inserted and pressed out of a nozzle and, if required, crushed by means of a cutting unit. During the processing period, the product mass is brought to a boil and constantly and mechanically processed by the worm shafts and their revolutions per minute.

The screw speed and the shearing forces determine the temperature, texture and quality. Individual recipes and ingredients allow creating the most different product textures. Individually adjustable torques, high screw speeds as well as the working pressure inside the extruder provide the users with a wide range of finished product solutions. The maximum amount of food hygiene is already considered during the development of all GEMMER extrusion systems.


  • Breakfast cereals
  • Tobacco
  • Snacks


  • Modular design
  • Quick commissioning

GEMMER extrusion systems are suitable for directly expanded cereals and implement customized shapes in top quality. Due to the lowest level of water demand, our extrusion systems are highly ecological and economical as well.

With the GEMMER Group as technology partner, the high quality demands are met so that the proper production of cereal flakes and corn, wheat or multi-grain products is ensured using fully continuous extrusion processes and cooking procedures.

Rotary Digesters

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