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Production Systems for the Conveyance of Granules and Powders

Based on long-term experience, we develop and produce efficient and reliable production systems for the conveyor technology. The focus of our core orientation is placed on industrial compounding systems, masterbatch systems and PVC granulate systems for the plastics industry.

The overall planning of our developments includes all system parts directly and indirectly pertaining to a complete production system, while the focus is always placed on the individual requirements of our customers.

Production Systems for the Conveyance of Granules and Powders

As general contractor, we deliver our systems as turnkey projects or integrate the system components provided by you, e.g. external silos, gravimetric dosing feeders, extruders, granulation, etc.

We create the entire planning documentation by PID, 3D drawings, statics etc. We take care of the interfaces between the individual system components and adjust the components in such a way as to ensure an ideal system installation. We build your conveyor systems, intermediate vessels, material handling systems and steel constructions.

Besides, we will carry out the entire system assembly including heavy-duty assembly, pipeline construction for cooling and process water, pressurized air, energy supply and conveyor pipelines.


  • Overall planning, development and production
  • Turnkey system projects and partial solutions
  • Hall planning
  • Planning documents by PID and 3D drawings
  • System control
  • Steel constructions/statics
  • System assemblies/heavy-duty assemblies
  • Pipeline construction
  • Plant energy supply systems
  • Aspiration
  • Commissioning/introduction/technical support

Apart from that, we will take care of the planning for the entire system control including the visualization. You are provided with a consistent overall concept ensuring straightforward system operation with a minimum of interfaces between the individual system components.

Based on the PLC level, downstream control levels are created that include the recipe management as well as the data collection of all operational states necessary for the production and quality control.

Production Systems for the Conveyance of Granules and Powders

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