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Individual Solutions for Different Tasks

In order to fulfill the tasks we are often challenged with in an even more targeted manner, we have developed, designed and manufactured different, interesting individual solutions according to specific requirements.

Loading/Emptying Systems

Our vacuum conveyor systems, which are implemented as individual devices or multi-stage conveyor systems, are designed in such a way that they are directly suited for the filling of downstream, gravimetric dosing feeders with powders or granulated substances. Besides, we have developed scanned coupling systems with RFID technology ensuring that no wrong material is conveyed in the case of manual coupling.

Further developments include movable scales racks, combined seal housings with vibrating or liquid bottoms and completely removable lid in combination with the bag dump station. In order to allow easy cleaning, the feeder can be completely removed from the product flow.

Our stackable containers allow for clearly more efficient work. The entire supply and discharge, the transfer into deposit containers or the filling of partial quantities is efficiently performed with the container filling system.

Hydraulic big bag racks, bag dump stations and granulate receivers with integrated aspiration port for vacuum conveying as well as multiple (left-hand and right-hand) screw feeders for low-pulsation conveying into the extruder complete the specific individual solutions. The same applies to our hydraulic lifting columns for the incorporation of dosing feeders that can be lowered to the working height for easy cleaning.


  • Pulverized substances
  • Granulated substances


  • Container discharging
  • Fully automated big bag filling station
  • Combined station for barrels and big bags
  • Mobile filling stations
  • Big Bag discharging device
  • Bag dump stations


  • Plastics
  • Food
  • Feed
  • Chemicals
Loading/Emptying Systems

We offer robust industrial versions designed for customized solutions and enhanced operations thanks to shortest setup times, universal handling, long service life and high operational safety. An essential feature for the actual material transport process is presented by specific surface properties of the conveying elements that ensure maximum flowability of the parts touching the product. This applies particularly to pulverized media and ensures easy cleaning as well.

Production Facilities and Components

Process Technologies