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Specialized in Complex Overall System Development

We develop, plan and build production plants for the plastics industry and other industrial sectors. Whether compounding systems, masterbatch systems or granulators: Our plans include all system components directly or indirectly belonging to a complete production plant.

We always offer customized process and plant solutions that are adjusted, designed and developed to meet the individual requirements of our customers. We take care of the entire plant construction of silo systems, demand-oriented material feed using pressure and vacuum technology, central material supply for single-stage and multi-stage conveyor systems, bag feeding, big bag discharge and Octabin handling.

Conveyor Systems

System components, gravimetric and volumetric dosing technology with upstream buffer tanks, movable scales racks and hydraulic lifting columns as well as the material feed to the extruders via collecting screws, feeding hoppers and downpipe systems with dust-free docking, extruders, screen changers, melting pumps and granulation systems complete the range of products.

We will take care of the heavy-duty and final assembly of extruders and gravimetric dosing systems. Apart from that, we plan and implement the complete steel construction: platform construction, aspiration systems and strand granulators, underwater granulation systems, process and cooling water lines as well as compressed air systems.

We complete our overall systems with process-oriented electrical system controls according to the specific process technologies. Steel and stainless steel pipelines: pressed (Mapress) Victaulic, dairy pipe, flanged, welded, formed, double-walled and heated. In cooperation with our specialist partners, we realize the specific cooling water supply and the assembly of vacuum pumps.


  • Powdered substances
  • Granulated substances


  • Compounding systems
  • Masterbatch systems
  • Extrusion systems
  • Multi-stage conveyor systems
  • Overall system controls
  • Material handling
  • Steel construction design
  • Statics
  • Steel construction assembly
  • Components
  • Cooling water supply
  • Vacuum pump systems
  • Overall system assembly
  • Heavy-duty assembly
  • Strand granulators
  • Underwater granulation systems


  • Plastics
  • Food
  • Feed
  • Chemicals
Conveyor Systems

An efficient overall system is the result of technical planning and specifically configured components. For this purpose, we offer magnetic separators, feeding hoppers with horizontal connection of the gravimetric dosing feeders, hydraulic lifting columns for the installation of gravimetric/volumetric dosing feeders, scales racks movable on rails, turning devices and swivel mechanisms for gravimetric and volumetric dosing feeders, water basins for strand granulation, feeding hoppers, docking stations, liquid components, dosing feeders, pumps, emptying of barrels, heated vessels.

Production Facilities and Components

Process Technologies